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Luxurious blend of natural moisturizing ingredients for a higher grade of body care

This product is rich in avocado oil, which is high in vitamin E that protects the skin's moisture. Each bottle contains the equivalent of approximately 5.2 avocados. The fresh and creamy texture is moist yet elastic thanks to our unique technology and quickly permeates into the skin, leaving it fresh and tempting to touch.

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100% natural avocado oil for "healthy" skin

There are many high-quality skin care products that are still unknown to the world. Our production plant is one of them. REGANERO's mission is to deliver our sincere attitude toward our products and our passion for our products to Japanese customers and to make many people happy by acting as a bridge between Japan and Thailand. With the concept of "avocado" from "eating" to "applying", we deliver avocado skin care products to you with full of love and devotion, and sincerely hope that you will use them as your "partner in life".

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