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The tip of the earpick is shaped like a screw so it's surprisingly easy to remove wax! An Ear pick that utilizes the precision technology of Fukui Prefecture's famous glasses!

【The solution to the insufficiency of ear picks!】
- The screw-shaped tip removes residue amazingly.
- A screwdriver pro supervised in making this product.
- The large and small ridges make it easy and comfortable to pick out earwax.
- The medical pick is a magic earpick that utilizes the precision technology of Fukui Prefecture's famous glasses manufacturers.
- The tip is shaped like a screw with large and small undulations, and the thin tip allows you to get deep into the ear and gently scrape out the earwax.
- You will be surprised even if you usually clean with cotton swabs!
- Made in Japan
- Uses pure titanium!
- Color variations available

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Make everyone smile!

Surprise to know, surprise to use, and surprise to feel.

Scientific technology is evolving day by day. The manufacturing technology of cosmetics is also evolving in the same way.
We want to deliver this information quickly. We want to create and deliver even more advanced products.
We are working on product development in the hope that our customers will experience the latest technological advancements and live their days with a smile on their faces.

In addition to our magic earpick [Medical Pick], we have developed and provided 4 items of massage cream for the whole body [Ashmue Cream Magic] and skin care cosmetics.

We are committed to providing a healthy and comfortable life!
In order to maintain a healthy "mind" and "body" and lead a comfortable life, we aim to heal not only the physical health but also the mind and make people mentally and physically healthy.
We develop products to continue providing a healthy and lively tomorrow.

Do you feel disappointed when you wake up in the morning and feel a sense of discomfort?
We support you. You can use it in the morning and feel refreshed.
Have a great day!

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