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Zero Connection Inc.

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Online japan souvenir shopping site

・Online marketplace specializing in visitors to Japan where souvenirs from all over Japan can be easily purchased.
・Recommended for foreign residents
・Multilingual support for use by people from all over the world
・Deliveries should be made to the place of stay in Japan

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Zero Connection Inc.

Zero Connection Inc.

Beyond the distance, save your time .Keep your gift , keep yourself free

Nippon Gift is an online souvenir shopping site for foreign visitors to Japan.
You can easily purchase attractive souvenirs from all over Japan with just mobile.
You can enjoy selecting souvenirs for your loved ones wherever and whenever you are.
The souvenirs you purchase will be delivered to your destination in Japan.
This reduces the burden of missing out on souvenirs and carrying them with you, leaving you more time for sightseeing and experiencing Japan.
Bring back memories of Japan through Nippon Gift.

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