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Shinjuku Nakaso Co., Ltd

Shinjuku Nakaso Co., Ltd

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We specialize in finding rooms for foreign residents. We will support you with everything from finding a room to moving in.

We offer a comprehensive proposal from researching rental properties to arranging a guarantor and moving company. Use our brokerage fee discount coupon to save on your move!

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Shinjuku Nakaso Co., Ltd

Shinjuku Nakaso Co., Ltd

Immediate property referrals! A real estate agency that can help you find a property right away.

We provide a wide range of support for your life, from real estate to merchandising! In our real estate division, we provide all services such as room search, brokerage of buying and selling, insurance proposal, and estimate arrangement for moving companies! In the goods sales division, we specialize in assisting customers with all aspects of their lives, including office supplies and secondhand goods sales business! We can also make cloth and paper products at our own factory! Please contact us for any general living needs you may have!

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