Popular used iPhone 8 for sale! Protected with display coating.

Thousand Plan

Thousand Plan

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Beautiful Used iPhone 8

Refurbished used iPhone 8.
◆ Coating * LCD display is coated.
The coating is applied to the LCD display to protect it with a hardness of up to 9H while maintaining the screen transparency.
The protective coating reduces oil stains, repels water, reduces fingerprints, improves transparency, and prevents fogging.
Antimicrobial effect is also improved.
Lasts up to approx. 360 days
Please note that we do not guarantee that it will not be scratched or cracked.

New battery replacement option is available!

The model number is [A1906].
The battery life is more than 85%.
The battery life is more than 85%.
No network restrictions.
SIM unlocked."

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Thousand Plan

Thousand Plan

Beautiful Item★ Very beautiful for a "used" item.

Our company deals in used office automation equipment and offers products that are used but clean. We mainly sell business phones and handy terminals, and have recently started dealing in iPhones and PCs.

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