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[A must for owners of rental properties] Owners bear zero restoration costs when vacating their properties!

"[You can expect many benefits by simply paying a fixed monthly fee.]
1. You can plan your earnings by reducing sudden expenses and equalizing your spending.
2. Hassle-free communication with the management company will be reduced.
3. Improved vacancy period by reducing the time from construction order to construction completion.

When managing rental condominiums and apartments, there is always the cost of restoring the property to its original condition when the tenants move out.
And the invoice comes at the same time as worrying about the vacancy period.

We have launched the ""Zero Restoration Fee Plan"" to help owners who are facing such problems.

The ""Zero Restoration Fee Plan"" is a plan in which the owner pays a fixed monthly fee.
The owner pays only a fixed monthly fee for the plan, and bears no repair or restoration costs. All construction costs covered by the plan are borne by us!

From 30 yen per square meter

We are committed to providing careful management and prompt response.
We will propose an appropriate plan depending on the owner, so please consult with us for more information."

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Three Arrows, Inc.

Three Arrows, Inc.

Rental management that always aims for maximum profitability

"One-stop management for real estate.
We consider vacancy countermeasures from multiple perspectives and propose and implement them from the owner's standpoint.
Real estate investment is generally an investment method that involves leasing out properties for a certain use, such as residences for living or office use, to generate income, but we consider maximizing income in line with the trends of the times under the motto of ""maximizing hidden potentials"".

There are many ways to increase the value of real estate.
As one of them, we will maximize the value with proposals that only our company can make, such as the use of private accommodations and rental spaces."

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