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Have you been looking for somewhere to study?

Benkyo-café is a place for mature people who know the importance of studying.

As the word “benkyo” means “study”, we provide a comfortable space for studying.
We don’t think self-study is the best way to expand learning, and strongly believe that conversations with others will keep your motivation high.

Our service is based on a membership system, just like a sports gym.
Before becoming a member, you can use the place as a visitor.
The usage fee is set up based on how much you use it!

【Services】 Free drink, Wi-fi, and plug sockets

1.Open space: Eating, conversation, phone calls OK
2.Work space: NO speaking (including phones/online calls etc), NO eating
3.Individual rooms: There are some private rooms available.

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We design a learning community.

Bookmarks is the only "Benkyo-cafe (study café)" in Japan that helps people to study. Our mission is to make people’s life full, by providing many opportunities to learn. We want you to enrich your life through learning at Benkyo-cafe. We also offer online mentoring to help people continue their studies.

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