JOIE CELLULE Eyelash Serum

Granje Corporation

Granje Corporation

1980 yen (tax included)


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Receive one JOIE CELLULE Face Mask as a present!

Contains two types of human stem cell acclimatization culture fluid.
A ""new eyelash beauty product"" that brings out the beauty of your eyelashes.
For rich, lustrous, bouncy, and firm lashes.
Use on eyelashes and eyebrows!
You won't be able to stop after you try it once!

JOIE CELLULE Eyelash Serum (eyelash serum)
Eyeliner brush type (no backlash and clean to the last drop of serum)
Made in Japan.

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Granje Corporation

Granje Corporation

The productontains two types of human stem cell acclimatization culture fluid! A new skincare product that will make your skin happy!

JOIE CELLULE is a brand that was created and formed with the French words for "joy" and "cell" in mind. JOIE CELLULE continues to develop products with the aim of creating beautiful skin that is moisturized, firm, and supple. We hope that this small piece of JOIE CELLULE will lead you down a road that leads to the greatest joy. Please don't hesistate to give JOIE CELLULE a try.

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