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Cosmic Pharmaceuticals Co.

Cosmic Pharmaceuticals Co.

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5-ALA supplement "ALA-Bio" mail order

"You can purchase from the 5-ALA mail order site """"ALA-SHOP"""". Orders can also be placed by phone. (Toll-free number: 0120-828-777/weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00). We can also ship overseas, although an additional shipping fee is required.

PS: You can choose from the following payment methods: cash on delivery, credit card, bank transfer, or Japan Post Bank transfer."

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Cosmic Pharmaceuticals Co.

Cosmic Pharmaceuticals Co.

5-ALA is a substance that vitalizes mitochondria. It is a natural amino acid essential for life.

Since the first 5-ALA supplement was launched in Japan in 2013, it has been used by customers in Japan and overseas. 5-ALA is an essential substance for mitochondria, the body's energy factory, and over the past decade, numerous studies have revealed that 5-ALA has a great deal of potential. 5-ALA has been used in clinical trials for diabetics, in cancer surgery and radiation therapy, as a treatment for malaria, and has recently been patented for the prevention and treatment of new coronaviruses. 5-ALA is now being applied in the medical field, and we provide 5-ALA as a dietary supplement that can be easily taken to support healthy and energetic days for everyone.

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