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[Limited time offer] Free Inspection Service!

"When selling or buying an existing house, an inspection is defined as a ""building condition survey"" or ""housing diagnosis,"" and refers to ""inspecting the current state of the house"" by a professional inspector qualified as an architect, who visually inspects, checks the operation of, and interviews the house from a third-party standpoint.

In Europe and the United States, inspections are commonplace when buying or selling real estate, and demand for inspections is increasing in Japan for the buying and selling of existing homes.

[Advantages of Inspections]
- Prevention of problems after handover
- Differentiation at the time of sale
- Tax breaks and subsidies can be applied for.

In real estate transactions where Three Arrows, Inc. has acted as an intermediary, we will introduce the buyer's home inspection contractor, and Three Arrows, Inc. will bear the cost of the contract.

*Options other than the standard plan will be charged separately.
*This service may not be applicable depending on various conditions, so please contact us for details.

Chinese and English language services are also available.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form."

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Three Arrows, Inc.

Three Arrows, Inc.

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