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Kiraga Co., Ltd

Kiraga Co., Ltd

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This is the e-commerce sales site of jewelry manufacturer Kiraga. We usually manufacture jewelry, processors sales, retail sales, and bridal rings. We can provide high quality products at low prices because we sell directly from manufacturers without any wholesalers.
We will be selling our reasonably priced, fashionable and affordable products in our e-commerce.

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Kiraga Co., Ltd

Kiraga Co., Ltd

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Kiraga is a jewelry manufacturer, processor, vendor and direct seller in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture. We sell non-branded jewelry to jewelry stores and watch jewelry stores nationwide.
Our strength is our ability to process and sell our jewelry through vendors, which allows us to increase our turnover rate and thus our affordability.
Our salons are showcase-free and offer a variety of over 1,000 pieces of jewelry that can be tried on as much as you like, providing a fun place to buy jewelry. We can also process jewelry, so we can offer jewelry in the form you want based on the stones you like.
For bridal jewelry, we offer a full custom-made service, and we can handle any request that can be handled physically, including designs brought in by the customer, changes from the base design, stone insertions, and stone changes.
We also sell jewelry online that is easy to use in everyday life, so please consider us for your jewelry needs.

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