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Sunsail Co. Ltd

Sunsail Co. Ltd

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Kantama Premium Smoked 5 Varieties Gift

Smoked products made with additive-free domestic ingredients and carefully prepared by artisans in a North American HACCP-certified factory using the cold smoking method.The five varieties include salmon, scallops, greater yellowtail, red sea bream, and swordfish.The excess moisture is removed, leaving a soft texture and concentrated flavor. The unique cold smoking technique gives it a texture similar to cured ham.This gift has won the Japan Gift Award. And the smoked greater yellowtail received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award.

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Sunsail Co. Ltd

Sunsail Co. Ltd

Business with Integrity and Social Contribution

The company name "Sunsail" is an anglicized form of the French word "sincère," meaning "sincerity.The name is based on the company's desire to contribute to society through business with integrity.Our company operates under the three pillars of the SDG goals of "End Poverty," "Quality Education for All," and "Protect the Abundance of the Sea."As part of our efforts, we donate to Chance for Children, a public interest incorporated association.

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