NanoJet Mist

Panavia Co., Ltd

Panavia Co., Ltd


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Shower head with mist function, removes chlorine, the natural enemy of beautiful hair and skin, with vitamin C.
Soft against the skin and safe for sensitive skin and children.

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Panavia Co., Ltd

Panavia Co., Ltd

We seek to bring smiles to the faces of all three parties involved in our company: customers, suppliers, and employees.

Panavia was founded in 1982 as a comprehensive cosmetics manufacturer. Now, celebrating our 40th anniversary this year (2022), we provide not only cosmetics but also various products such as epilators, hair dryers, and cooking appliances to our customers under the themes of "safety and security," "natural beauty of skin," and " innovative products" from the viewpoints of beauty and health. Our products have been highly evaluated by many people. We will continue to strive to be in a position to share with as many people as possible the wonderful things that bring out the true beauty of "human beings".

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