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Three Arrows, Inc.

Three Arrows, Inc.

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The "Popular! Winning Investments" high-yield seminar that makes passive income possible

"What each investor is looking for differs depending on their current personal funds, asset situation, income, job, etc.

The world and Japan are now in an era of unprecedented upheaval, with the COVID-19 disaster causing previously good businesses to go downhill quickly and unexpected businesses to grow rapidly.
In this environment, it is necessary to carefully assess whether an investment is a sure bet.

We will work with you to determine which investment is best suited for you and make the best proposals.

Seminar Contents
1. Private accommodations: ""Resurgence of private accommodations""
2. Rental space: ""Achieve a 60% yield with around 3 million yen in capital""
3. Food delivery investment: ""Which can be started with low capital""

The third investment, food delivery investment, is an investment that matches the times in a market where the demand for delivery is gradually increasing.
Whether you are a first-time investor, a professional investor, or a corporation considering a new business.
We welcome anyone to join us."

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Three Arrows, Inc.

Three Arrows, Inc.

Let's start with Room Bar.

"Unlike conventional real estate investment, we are able to provide one-stop management services that other companies cannot offer, such as private accommodations, inn business, rental space, and monthly rentals.
This enables us to realize higher yields on the same property than ordinary owner-operators.
Even properties that other companies cannot offer can be turned into high-yield properties by adopting our scheme.
Owners of owned properties also have many possibilities to generate high profits that were unthinkable before by utilizing the sharing economy, so please contact us for more information."

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