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World's first meat aged with snow energy‼

High-quality Japanese black beef selected from all over Japan is aged in snow chambers in Echigo Uonuma.
Slow aging in the snow chamber brings out the mild flavor and softness of the beef.

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We contribute to society through the creation of food culture

Snow chambers, in which winter snowfall is collected in holes dug in the ground and covered with straw and other materials, have been used for refrigerated storage of fresh food. Snow chambers have been used to preserve food products in Niigata since ancient times, and are a form of wisdom and technology unique to the snow country.
At UOSHOKU, we have been working on maturing methods and maturing periods using this snow chamber preservation technology unique to the snow country through trial and error.
SNOW AGING®" is a product that has been aged in a snow chamber under stable temperature and humidity.
Meat aged in the snow chamber becomes soft because the fibers of the meat are broken down by the action of enzymes, the protein is broken down and the content of free amino acids is increased, which gives the meat a stronger flavor.

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