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[A must For overseas resident owners!] Proposal of tax payment agency and management!

"Our company is engaged in the management, property management, and sublease business, mainly for inbound business.

In order to prevent non-residents from failing to file a tax return, a withholding tax system is in place whereby a certain percentage of the proceeds or rent from the sale or lease of real estate by a [non-resident] who does not reside in Japan is collected and paid in advance to the tax office.

When a corporation manages a non-resident's property, withholding tax is due.
We undertake to manage and act as tax agent for rental properties owned by non-residents and provide high-quality support to reduce the burden on the owner.

In addition to regular rentals, we can also be entrusted with the management of residential properties and rental spaces.
We will work with you to determine which operation method is best for each property and make the best proposal.

[Application Period]
September 30, 2022

[Eligible Applicants]
- Owners (non-residents) who reside overseas but own properties in Japan
- Real estate companies that are involved in the purchase and sale of the above owners and are looking for a management company to introduce them to."

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Three Arrows, Inc.

Three Arrows, Inc.

Rental management that always aims for maximum profitability

"One-stop management for real estate.
We consider vacancy countermeasures from multiple perspectives and propose and implement them from the owner's standpoint.
Real estate investment is generally an investment method that involves leasing out properties for a certain use, such as residences for living or office use, to generate income, but we consider maximizing income in line with the trends of the times under the motto of ""maximizing hidden potentials"".

There are many ways to increase the value of real estate.
As one of them, we will maximize the value with proposals that only our company can make, such as the use of private accommodations and rental spaces."

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